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The ocean covers 2/3rds of the surface of the earth, it is water – yet it is the earth’s most vast desert… There is water, but you cannot drink it – there is food growing, but almost all of it is deep beyond your reach.  There is no shade and during the doldrums of the air above there are no… (more…)

Gender Outlaws

5.0 out of 5 stars Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation October 3, 2010 By WordWeaving Format:Paperback Sixteen years ago, Kate Bornstein published a land mark book in the transgender community, titled Gender Outlaws: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us. It became a landmark work, exploring gender roles, attitudes and the fact that there are far more than just… (more…)

The Swerve

Epicurean philosophy from the writings of Lucretius